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Have you ever taken San Blas tours in Panama? If you wanted to know how does it feel the great experience of visiting the beautiful San Blas Islands, this is the right moment so you can take your chance.

San Blas Panama tours

Did you want to know one of the paradises of Panama? Well here you have it, San Blas is the ideal place to go on vacation especially in summer when it comes to a real tan and a beautiful view of the sea.

We are talking about a dream place that has 365 islands, where you can learn about the population and culture of Kuna Yala, an indigenous tribe that is in charge of safeguarding the well-being of these beautiful islands.

Tourist guide

Do not worry, you can also find a tourist guide in this beautiful place so that you know each of the corners that make it up.

Are you a bonfire lover? Well prepare to enjoy them at night and not to mention the fabulous plays of volleyball.

Do you love diving? Well, this is the right place for you, since they also have snorkeling equipment so you can enjoy swimming in the sea to the fullest.


As expected, as they are islands, you will find unique vegetation based on large palm trees that make the breeze unique and to be enjoyed alongside an amaca.


Do not worry about appetite, we will solve it with the lunch that is included in our package.

Boat transportation in San Blas

There are a lot of people who are used to travel to San Blas Islands through 4x4, but this time you have the opportunity to make a reservation for a boat to experience an amazing travel over the sea and enjoying the beautiful landscape of the sea.

And you... are ready to take this amazing tour right now?

Spend the day at this paradise of the Caribbean with our San Blas Tours that has 365 islands of white sand, covered with palm trees and beautiful crystalline water. 

Previously Guna Yala was known as Kuna Yala, but in the Guna language there is no letter “K” so the Panamanian government respected their customs and culture and called it “Guna Yala”. We can enjoy a tropical humid climate in the archipelago of the Guna Yala region, Surrounded by beautiful coral reefs is considered by UNESCO the best preserved in the Bioregion Caribbean and Central.

Here you’ll have the opportunity to visit the villages where the Indians live and you will learn about their culture and fascinating way of life.

Highlights for San Blas Tours



Indian villages



Shared 4×4 transport to Guna Yala Village and from Panama City

Boat transportation in San Blas


Entry/beach taxes (not included in the rate) approx $20 pp


This tour is operated by the local Kuna Indian (travel guide in Spanish). Snorkeling gear is limited but available for rent on some islands.

Hours of operation

Please contact us

Black-Out Dates

December 24 – 25, 31, January 01 & Good Friday


Pick up at Hotel lobby.