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Our Panama shopping tours (Full-day or half-day) visit to the most known malls such as Albrook Mall, Multiplaza and Alta Plaza

In recent years, as the city has grown, malls have been developed, but are aimed to supply the demand from natives and foreigners looking for good quality of products, gathering the most exclusive and popular stores.

Did you know that Panama is today the # 1 destination for wholesale and retail purchases in Latin America?

Panama has the largest shopping centers in Latin America, after that the prices and competitive quality to attract numerous merchants; So another benefit that Panama offers is that, as in the United States, its legal tender is the Dollar and This facilitates exchange operations. Compared with other countries in the region, the price difference can be up to 70%. In most stores, you can ask for the price adjustment, so ask if the price is fixed or if you can negotiate

If your goal is to buy items from recognized brands at low prices, The Outlet Stores are the best option. Normally they offer a discount between 30% and 50% of the regular price they offer for sale to the public, This price is very similar to that which can be obtained in the different sales when the stores coming through the offer season, However Well-known brands have this type of merchants to sell their items that have remained from previous seasons.

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