Partial or Full Transits

miraflores 7 fantasia del mar miraflores 3 crucero 4 Through the Canal, onboard boats that comply with the most stringent Panama Canal Commission safety requirements, both in their operating systems as well as in their passenger safety equipment.

This tour operates every Saturday, except for the day when it operates as a full transit. Depart from Pier 18 in Balboa or Flamenco in Amador, go through the Miraflores and Pedro Miguel locks, were you will be able to experience first hand the handling and operations of the canal itself.

On a Full Transit ourvessel goes up to Miraflores Locks, the first of the Panama Canal’s three sets of locks. After transiting the Miraflores Locks, cruises through the famous Gailliard Cut, a nine-mile excavation through Panama’s back bone and into Gatun Lake.

On arrival of the vessel at Cristobal, on the Atlantic (Caribbean) side of the Canal at about 3:30 p.m., (depending on Canal traffic) an air conditioned bus will be awaiting us for our return to Flamenco or Pier 18.

OnPartial Transits we cruise through both Pacific sets of locks (Miraflores and Pedro Miguel), and the Gailard Cut, and make our way back.

We recommend: Casual clothing, comfortable shoes, sun block, hat and a camera.