Half Day Visit to Mi Pueblito

Mi Pueblito * This tour can be combined with other Day Tours.

Mi Pueblito is a theme park that is a replica of a small interior town but in the countryside!. Come and feel the experience of being in a small town inside Panama, with schools, states’offices, houses, a church and a little plaza. You will also visit an interesting museum inside this theme park, where you will admire the “Pollera”, Panama’s national dress.

Mi Pueblito also consists of:

Pueblito Afro-Antillano
Which have replicas of Antillean’s village, honoring the black workers who came to work on the construction of the Panama Canal, and they remained in the isthmus bringing their customs and culture.

Pueblito Indigena
Shows the way of living of our indigenous Indian groups like: Kunas, Emberas and Guaymies.