Bird Lovers # 2

Bird Lovers Bird Lovers Day 1 – Panama City
On your arrival to Panama City , you will be met by an Inside Panama Tours representative and transferred to your Hotel.

Day 2 – Pipeline Road & Summit Ponds
Pipeline Road is one of the world’s top birding sites because of its rich bird diversity.

Eight species of wrens, five trogons, four puffbirds, three motmots, many antbirds and even more flycatchers have been reported from the road. Pipeline Road is also a great place for raptors: all three Forest-Falcons are heard if not seen with ease, and Tiny and Plumbeous Hawks and Ornate Hawk-Eagles have been reported a few times.

Summit Pond

Here we’ll look for Rosy Thrush-Tanager, Blue Ground-Dove, Jet Antbird, Black-tailed and Royal Flycatchers.

Summit Garden and Harpy Eagle Exhibit

The botanical gardens are great for migratory warblers and other forest-edge species, and Blue Cotingas are seen every once in a while.

The Harpy Eagle is Panama ‘s national bird and this park is the site of the Harpy Eagle Exhibit a “state of the art exhibit” sponsored by SONY Corp. which shows films about this magnificent bird, and a full-size nest.

Day 3 – Metropolitan Nature Park & Los Quetzales Lodge (3 nights)
Today we visit the Metropolitan Nature Park (the only protected rain forest within capital city limits in Latin America ). Specialties include Lance-tailed Manakin, Rosy Thrush-Tanager, Orange-billed Sparrow, Green Honeycreeper, Rufous and White Wren and many others. We will also look for the endemic Red-napped Tamarin in the trail named after this tiny primate.

This afternoon we’ll board our flight to David and travel to Los Quetzales Lodge, where we’ll spend the following 3 nights.

Los Quetzales is renowned for its world-class birding.

Resplendent quetzals are frequently spotted from the hotel chalets during nesting season.

Day 6 – Panama City
Today we’ll board our flight back to Panama City .

Tonight we enjoy a farewell dinner at a Panamanian restaurant.

Transfer to Int’l airport.